Monday, May 11, 2009

The Caesarean

So, after 2 births and 2 Caesareans, I have become very curious about the theories revolving around the causes of caesareans.  I was pleased to read a book by Michel Odent called The Caesarean.   I really enjoyed Odent's writing that stepped over "politically correct" boundaries numerous times, in order stay authentic to his beliefs and observations.  He mainly states that a woman needs privacy and NO neocortex stimulation for the birthing process to be most successful.

Since reading this book I have modified my role as a professional birth supporter to incorporate more of my own authentic, non-judgmental, mother-type nurturing.  I feel like women giving birth need to feel safe and nurtured, in order to relax and let their bodies' natural function progress without intervention.  After attending two relatively traumatic births, I started feeling like I should be doing more.  When in reality, I am doing exactly what I should be and could almost do less "persuading."  "Persuading" the mom that she is doing a good job and "persuading" her body to do more.  I honestly trust in the women's ability to find her unique coping strategies during birth.  I trust that her body will do what it needs to do to birth a child.  I trust that the baby is doing what he/she needs to do to be born.

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